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Since 2009, Pinlight has produced a number of Torah Code shorts, videos, interviews, inserts into other programs -- all in the effort of promoting the phenomena of the Codes. The Codes are real, provable, and contain information about the times in which we live. To us, the importance of this fact is both an enigma and what might be considered a fulfillment of ancient prophecy.

Pinlight had also attempted to raise funding to produce a more weighty feature length film about this phenomena. Finally, in early 2014, funds were obtained to do the film.

The pieces that we have already created were done without any external funds of any kind, using only personal investment, and the assistance of Rabbi Glazerson, Professor Rips, and Professor Haralick.

Since this writer is also the director of the Watchers series, which is growing a substantial fan base, we created Torah Code pieces that have been inserted into several of the Watchers episodes. Thousands of these videos have been viewed.

Finally, one the the topics that initially started my relationship with the rabbis and professors in the core Torah Code team, was asking the question, "what does the Torah say about 2012?" Numerous important tables came up, but we haven't been able to show the interpretation of these tables. Indeed, no catastriophic events happened in 2012, but the Codes often reflect views printed in the media as well as what people were saying. Additionally, it now seems clear that something happened in 2012 that seems to be the beginnings of something more -- and those changes are being felt every day.

The pieces will be placed on this site in the order of when they were created. The version below was not promoted or aired in any way, since it was created as an example to help privately raise funds.


Richard Shaw --- director, Pinlight LLC

The first Torah Code demo, created in 2009

The WATCHERS SERIES, hosted by L.A. Marzulli, contained several Torah Code segments. Below are the pieces created for Episodes 3 and 4:

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